Vita Coco (2012) involved recording cross-training athletes' breathing patterns while they scaled the concrete floors of a building that houses an art book store. The athletes' breathing was mixed live with midi-recorded tracks of specific songs, in this way punctuating the hard tone of midi with longing and pre-emptive desire. Portions of this performance, breathing and soundtrack are included within the film's soundtrack. All original music and soundtrack by Patrick Dyer.

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November 16th 2012
6pm until 9pm
Run for 20 min – 40 min with an iPhone recording breathing pattern, to be played back live in the elevator over the midi song of the soundtrack to the upcoming film Coco, at the entrance of the bookstore. Hang out in a room and drink water for another 40 min.

Prior to the event, be available for a 2 hour rehearsal and styling meeting.

Runner’s Script:
Movement 1:
In hallway on 3rd floor, follow the perimeter of the hallway.
Avoid the elevator.
Repeat 5 times.
Sprint up and down the hallway.
Run to the stairs.
2.5 min per movement.
Movement 2:
Run or jog- up and down the stairs, stop with backs on intermediary landing.
Stop on 3rd floor landing, facing toward the door.
Repeat 5 times - and then sprint up the stairs
6 min per cycle.
Repeat 4 times = 24 min total.
Movement 3:
Follow the wall of the lobby x 3, and then run one time around the rotunda information center,
After this – bolt around the lobby.
3 min per cycle.
Repeat 5 times = 15 min total.

Total running time: ~ 1hour. Take the elevator to the third floor and repeat, or pause to drink water in the store. After the first hour, possibly repeat movements 1 – 3 in sections.